Jerejak Resort & Spa

Jerejak Resort & Spa, Penang, Malaysia

Jerejak Resort & Spa

Jerejak Resort & Spa
Location: Jerejak Island

A beautiful tropical island set amidst virgin jungle, Pulau Jerejak is every nature lover dream come true! Coupled with her rich historical background, a holiday here promises to be refreshingly different.

Relics and artifacts share a home with the rich flora and fauna of this island. Get ready for an adventure as you step into one of the few remaining rainforests of Malaysia.

Let the adventure begin!


Pulau Jerejak gained its alias as The Alcatraz of Malaysia, because of the Jerejak Prison. Located towards the south eastern tip of Penang Main Island, this 362ha island is rich with history, flora and fauna.

This island, though not as famous compared to other islands in Malaysia, has had its fair share of auspicious historical events. Francis Light, founder of Penang was said to have arrived in Pulau Jerejak in early 1786 before heading on to Penang.

As a result of Francis Light's earlier ruling whereby immigrants were allowed to claim whatever land they could clear Penang became flooded with immigrants. As a precaution step these immigrants were sent to Jerejak's health inspection centre before they were deported to Penang.

Later in the late 1930's, the British Empire built a hospital that could house 150 Tuberculosis patients at a time. This was located at the eastern part of the island.