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    What to Eat & Where to Eat in Penang

    In Penang, hawker food is as delicious as the finest gourmet experience in any city. Many Malaysians hold Penang as the top food destination in the region, not because of some fancy restaurants but rather for their humble road-side eateries and stalls that line the streets.

    The island's main claim to fame is their Nyonya flavouring in the local Chinese dishes. The term Nyonya refer to Straits Chinese; immigrants who settled in Malaysia and adopted Malay traditions, customs and even cooking ingredients. The result is the Peranakan culture, otherwise known as Nyonya.

    Malacca may be more famous for their Nyonya culture, but in terms of cooking, it is the Penang Nyonya style that has captured the hearts (and stomachs) of many Malaysians. Their dishes also differ from Malaccan ones, having a sourish tinge with generous helpings of fruity ingredients.

    On top of that, Penang's other culinary delights include traditional Malaysian favourites such as the Char Kuay Teow and Tar Sau Peah, both non-Nyonya dishes.

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    5. Holiday Inn Resort Penang 4.0/ 5
    6. Hotel Jen Penang 4.1/ 5
    7. Lone Pine Hotel 4.4/ 5
    8. PARKROYAL Penang Resort 4.1/ 5
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