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Penang Restaurants

In Penang, hawker food is as delicious as the finest gourmet experience in any city. Many Malaysians hold Penang as the top food destination in the region, not because of some fancy restaurants but rather for their humble road-side eateries and stalls that line the streets.

The island's main claim to fame is their Nyonya flavouring in the local Chinese dishes. The term Nyonya refer to Straits Chinese; immigrants who settled in Malaysia and adopted Malay traditions, customs and even cooking ingredients. The result is the Peranakan culture, otherwise known as Nyonya.

Malacca may be more famous for their Nyonya culture, but in terms of cooking, it is the Penang Nyonya style that has captured the hearts (and stomachs) of many Malaysians. Their dishes also differ from Malaccan ones, having a sourish tinge with generous helpings of fruity ingredients.

On top of that, Penang's other culinary delights include traditional Malaysian favourites such as the Char Kuay Teow and Tar Sau Peah, both non-Nyonya dishes.

Top 10 Restaurants
Top 10 Restaurants 10 Best Penang Restaurants

Penang is an island best known as Malaysia’s unofficial food capital, and with several top notch dining rooms opening in Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi this year, we have devised this list of the Top 10 Penang Restaurants. Read More...

5 Best Street Food

Inexpensive yet tasty, street food is very popular in Penang and in this delicious list of the island’s best traditional dishes, we name the must-try hawker stalls that cook them up best and where to find them. Read More...

5 Great Cafés in Penang

Essential staples of urban life, the fast growing trend of chic cafes has spread to Penang and the island is now home to a variety of themed java joints perfect for caffeine lovers from all over the world. Read More...

5 Best Beachfront Restaurants in Penang

Offering top notch food and unobstructed views of the ocean, our guide to the 5 Best Beachfront Restaurants in Penang lists the hottest seafront tables that you really need to know about right now. Read More...

5 Best Penang Kopitiams 5 Best Penang Kopitiams

Leave Penang’s plethora of hipsters java joints behind with these 5 great Kopitiams, all serving up traditional coffee and flavourful buttered kaya toast just the way it should be. Read More...

5 Great Hawker Centres

Serving up inexpensive, richly flavoured cuisine, our list of the 5 Great Hawker Centres in Penang comprises food courts that have concentrations of the best street side food vendors on the island. Read More...

Best Georgetown Nasi Kandar

Malaysians will tell you that the best nasi kandar can be enjoyed in Penang and, predictably, there is hardly a shortage of restaurants specialising n this dish on the island. Read More...

Most Popular Restaurants
Western Spices Penang

Western Spices Penang is a restaurant that puts out a menu of international small plate food, using regional seasonal ingredients to help create a dining experience that reflects the island’s local character and culinary traditions. Read More...

Mews Café Penang Mews Café Penang

Georgetown's popular Mews Café finds the perfect balance between old and new, with a traditional kopitiam vibe livened up by some modern decor and a young and trendy crowd. Read More...

Kebaya Restaurant Penang Kebaya Restaurant Penang

Located in the heart of Penang’s historic Georgetown, this fine dining room serves up a true Peranakan flavours, and is made all the more popular with its beautiful Instagram-worthy interior and tourist-friendly vibe. Read More...

The Spice Market Café The Spice Market Café

A casual all-day restaurant offering a buffet spread of Baba Nyonya, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai and western dishes, a meal at The Spice Market Café will be a singularly interesting experience to your taste buds. Read More...


Restaurants by Areas

Batu Feringghi Restaurants Batu Ferringhi Restaurants

From posh dining outlets to humble roadside restaurants, all of them offer great-tasting food at prices that are not too straining on the pocket. Read More...

Georgetown Restaurants Georgetown Restaurants

Since Penang is synonymous with good food, there are many places where one can find a good concentration of hawker stalls and restaurants on the island, especially in Georgetown! Read More...

Tanjung Bungah Restaurants Tanjung Bungah Dining

Plenty of dining options are available in Tanjung Bungah. From Indian to German cuisine and from shoplot restaurants to food courts, you are sure to find whatever your tastebuds fancy. Read More...

Gurney Restaurants Gurney Restaurants

Since Penang is synonymous with good food, there are many places where one can find a good concentration of hawker stalls and restaurants on the island, especially in Georgetown. Read More...

Seberang Perai Restaurants Seberang Perai Restaurants

Food, food and more food! Seberang Perai is the best selection of food lover tummy satisfying! Read More...

Bayan Lepas Restaurants Bayan Lepas Restaurants

Dining in Bayan Lepas is an international affair. There are plenty of options available here, from local cuisine to international specialties. Read More...

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