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Get more insider's information about Penang from people who live here and have the passion to explore, experience and share, and from others who travelled there and came back with a story to tell. If you too have a blog, don't hesitate to contact us and we will consider its inclusion in our website... However we will not consider overly commercial blogs and reserve the right to select the ones that best fit our website.

Every month we select our favourite blog and honour it with the 'Blog of the Month' award. Our pick is a personal choice, perhaps a site with fantastic tips, great photos or simply funny posts that made us laugh out loud.

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Pick of Penang ★

Pick of Penang is a blog by an expatriate writer, photographer and lover of all things related to the island of Penang. Weaving colourful and detailed stories in with pretty pictures for each post, this blog chronicles not only popular restaurants but also covers events, hotels, nightclubs and areas of interest in Penang.

Ken Hunt Food ★

 Started in 2009, Ken Hunt Food is a blog by a local food-enthusiast who is dedicated to finding the best food spots on Penang Island. Incredibly easy to get through due to its simple navigation listing on the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll find him reviewing cheap hawker stalls as well as writing previews and reviewing restaurants that have been on the scene for a while now. The short text makes it supremely easy to pick out favourite posts but Ken is really at his best with his photography.

Chi Kong Photography ★

Chi Kong Photography is not your usual photoblog. Featuring vibrant photographs of events, architecture and heritage of Penang, the talented 23 year old photographer Liew Chi Kong also features his best tips and tricks for other aspiring photographers out there who are eager to learn his skills. We also like the fact that his blog is carefully organized according to categories such as ‘life’, ‘portrait’, and ‘wedding’ – makes it so much easier to manoeuvre and admire the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient.

Malaysian Meanders ★

Malaysian Meanders is a blog of a stay-at-home mum living in Penang. Sounds ordinary, right? Not quite. Hailing all the way from Texas, the author eloquently writes about her day-to-day family adventures while discovering new sights and sounds of her current home. Beautiful photographs combined with her candid details in every entry, Malaysian Meanders offers an insight about Penang that is rarely seen by a local – just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you really haven’t.

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